Lesson # 7—Learned from the Vice Cream guy

We’ve all heard some version of the adage “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.” It’s our reminder to live in the moment. Easy to say, hard to practice. What if you were told “You didn’t have many tomorrows left?” What would you do differently? How would you change? Chris and I recently met someone whoCONTINUE READING

Lesson # 6—Learned from the young man in front of me getting coffee

It was Dee’s turn to write the next post in our 25 Lessons series, but she’s in China this week. So I’m taking #6 off her plate—with a simple one that everyone should learn from. I went from selling staffing services for my family’s business in my 20s to an entirely different stratosphere in myCONTINUE READING

Lesson #5—Learned from Uncle Mike

Whenever I talk about or teach sales, I try to reshape the often-negative perception people have of our profession. I may share stories that link selling to something purposeful. Usually, I start a discussion by saying Selling is to Serve—a virtue I learned from my upbringing. I talked with my great-uncle Mike recently—a loyal husband,CONTINUE READING

Lesson # 2 — Learned from the Man in the Express Checkout Lane

Lesson # 2 — Learned from the Man in the Express Checkout Lane I’ve become pretty good at running in high heels since I took the job at American Express. Around 5:30, you’ll find me sprinting from my last meeting of the day to catch the PATH downstairs in our building. Soon I’ll be able to jumpCONTINUE READING

Speedy Morris

This March Madness – treat everyone as a starterHow a subtle shift in mindset can transform your business relationships By Donna Donato I met my husband Chris years after we both graduated from college and I love hearing his stories from those days. During dinner conversations he often reminisces about playing basketball and running trackCONTINUE READING