So, we’ve started a movement.

Our mission is to improve the way business gets done. We’ve seen too much time, money and energy wasted when two companies try to work together and either partially succeed or outright fail. Business doesn’t have to be this way and it’s ripe for change.

In our consumer lives, it’s fast and easy to buy something. Our confidence is high and the chance of remorse is low. On the other hand, when you are buying or selling within the enterprise, our professional experiences are full of friction, frustration and fear.

We think there is a better way forward.

The SameSide movement starts with a mindset that brings together people from opposite sides of the transaction. The purpose is to attack the problem, not each other. With a broader perspective, the energy moves from convincing to understanding and the focus is placed on helping to achieve the other side’s goals as a means of advancing your own.

Is this a little idealistic? Yeah, maybe. But without hope of a better way, what are we left with?

Stay connected with us as we share more details on the SameSide movement. We’ll introduce a methodology that will help you take deals and relationships FARther. We will share tools to make sure what your offer Fits for the needs of the other party, Aligns with the key decision makers and minimizes Risk of doing business.

Who can benefit:

1.    Companies that want to learn how to work with the other enterprises, aspire to be strategic (not just transactional) or want to get more out of their business relationships.   If your company is still playing by old rules, it’s time to rewire your organization or risk being disrupted. We suggest you don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

2.    Individuals who want to grow, be an agent of change or simply learn about a career in sales or procurement.  We are a unique breed of professionals who connect things that would otherwise remain disconnected without our involvement.  If you’re someone who likes to solve complex problems, you’re good at putting puzzle pieces together, you might want to give our professionals a shot.

How to participate:

We invite anyone to read, listen and share ideas. However, If you would like to take the SameSide mission further as either an individual or an organization, there are a number of ways to participate.

1. Contribute to the discussion – submit your ideas

2. Sign the SameSide Pledge – let others know what you will and will not stand for Coming Soon

3. Attend an event – join us on the road or attend a workshops, discussion group, seminars

4. Become an Ambassador – join our extended team and help make a difference

Connect, reach out and join in. Within a day or two, you’ll hear from us with specific ideas you can use to put yourself on the same side of the table as your business partners.

Sign the pledge:

SameSide is built upon three core pillars based on practices that work in our relationships outside the office, yet somehow seem to get misplaced in our business relationships:

Be Mindful
Make it Personal
Act Transparently

Read our guiding principles and take action

Coming Soon