Selling to the CEO

What does it take to gain access and sell to a CEO of a large, publicly traded company?  I had the pleasure of asking Mike Nefkens, CEO of Resideo, these questions and more. In spite of being in the middle of a construction zone, as his family are building a new home, Mike took the READ MORE

You can’t Hack into the Enterprise

My husband Chris wrote an article recently that paints a picture of a salesperson as the curator of the customer’s purchase experience.  As a professional buyer who has worked with hundreds of suppliers—from the largest to the fastest growing—having a person I trust, who can help me navigate both their organization and mine, is absolutely READ MORE

It’s not the People, it’s the System

I recently read an interview with the CEO of a sales-technology company who made the following observation about sales people: “The good news is, people are really bad at selling. People are literally awful at it, for a lot of reasons” The evidence he cited was that 53% of sellers hit their quota last year, READ MORE

I’ve worked for some great leaders throughout my career. However, there is one person who stands out as the best boss I’ve ever had. It was during a formative time in my professional selling career.  His name is Shawn Donovan. Why? Well, no matter how much his leaders turned up the heat, it never rolled down hill to READ MORE

Donna elbowed me halfway through mass on Sunday night. She was already thinking about her commute on Monday morning. The nudge was a reminder that she wanted to get to Arlee’s before it closed at 6 PM. Arlee’s makes this healthy green concoction that Donna drinks on the train ride into NYC. Immediately after communion, we READ MORE

Lesson #13 See the Positive

It was the week after Thanksgiving. I was struggling a bit to find the motivation to get back into work mode. It was more than just the long break that was slowing me down—things were hard at work and home. I could hear a whiny voice in my head saying, “Why aren’t things just easier?” I READ MORE

Losing the Sales Baggage

I didn’t realize how much baggage sales professionals carried around until my first professional role after college. I remember one of my first days in the field with US Healthcare. I was feeling pretty good, wearing a dark gray pinstriped suit that my mom bought me for $89 at Today’s Man. I walked into an READ MORE

The Playing Field has Moved, and We’re Not on it

The Conference Board recently did a study of more than 1400 B2B organizations and found that on average, those companies completed 60% of their purchasing process—researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking pricing and so on—before having a conversation with a supplier. I read several reports from numerous sources over the past few months that READ MORE