Selling to the CEO

What does it take to gain access and sell to a CEO of a large, publicly traded company?  I had the pleasure of asking Mike Nefkens, CEO of Resideo, these questions and more. In spite of being in the middle of a construction zone, as his family are building a new home, Mike took the time to share some invaluable insights.  We discussed what a sales professional can do to earn a CEO’s trust, when it’s appropriate to reach out and what not to do when trying to secure a meeting.  


About the Authors

Chris and Donna (Dee) Donato are a husband and wife team who sit at the executive table leading, working, and closing large enterprise deals from both the seller’s (Chris) and buyer’s (Dee) perspective. At home, they sit at the dinner table managing life with three teenagers, a few pets, and an extended global family; from the United States to Russia.

Their deep experience and unique perspectives have led to business altering insights around how business gets done. They are sharing their own experiences at to stimulate further discussion and to drive the needed evolution of the sales and procurement professions.