What Is Your Escalator Pitch?

You’re in an elevator with a prospective client. In 2 minutes or less, explain your business. We’ve all practiced this scenario.

Well, the days of the elevator ride are over. It’s hard enough to identify the right buyer in the enterprise, let alone to get face-time with her/him. When we finally do get in front of the buyer, we only have seconds to win their hearts and minds.

Welcome to the age of the escalator pitch!

Here are a few ideas that might be helpful as you develop yours.

  1. Keep it extremely simple. Far too often we make things sound more complicated than they have to be. We equate complexity with being smart or differentiated. We worry that if our solutions sound too simple, clients won’t see the value. The truth? Simplicity travels, simplicity sells.
  2. Describe the value you deliver for customers. When I ask sales people to tell me what their companies do, I generally hear two types of responses. They either describe their company’s facts and figures (revenue, # of employees) or they describe the product or services they offer (We’re a SaaS platform, an IT services company). Instead, articulate the value you can deliver for a customer (We help companies….).
  3. Remember—it’s an experience. Make it a positive one. It’s your pitch, but that doesn’t mean you should talk the whole time. Ask questions. Look for consent. The goal is engagement. Even if you have the most eloquent pitch, the buyer will soon forget what you told them—but they will remember how you made them feel (credit to Maya Angelou for that one).

Try these. Practice. Happy selling.