Selling to the CEO

What does it take to gain access and sell to a CEO of a large, publicly traded company?  I had the pleasure of asking Mike Nefkens, CEO of Resideo, these questions and more. In spite of being in the middle of a construction zone, as his family are building a new home, Mike took theCONTINUE READING

It’s not the People, it’s the System

I recently read an interview with the CEO of a sales-technology company who made the following observation about sales people: “The good news is, people are really bad at selling. People are literally awful at it, for a lot of reasons” The evidence he cited was that 53% of sellers hit their quota last year,CONTINUE READING

Speedy Morris

This March Madness – treat everyone as a starter How a subtle shift in mindset can transform your business relationships By Donna Donato I met my husband Chris years after we both graduated from college and I love hearing his stories from those days. During dinner conversations he often reminisces about playing basketball and runningCONTINUE READING