The Mindsets to Build Trust Faster

Trust is the most essential currency in business. When we have trust, things get done. Trust is often created and strengthened over time. Unfortunately, time is not our friend. How can we accelerate the trust-building process?

Here’s an approach that might help build trust with clients and prospects at the speed of business.

  • Assume your client already has or will eventually have ALL the information you have.
  • Assume your client has SEVERAL viable options—so they can leave the “store” at any time and may never come back.
  • Consider your measure of success is a REFERENCE or referral—not a purchase of sale.

How would your client interactions change? How would you differentiate from the competition? What, if anything, would you do differently?

As B2B sales professionals, this is our new reality. The days when clients needed to engage with us to get the information they need to make a purchase decision will eventually be gone. Information is becoming a commodity that is easily acquired and traded. In the “everything as service” economy, clients have more options than ever before—even the stickiest solutions can get turned off the following month. In the end, our products and services must quickly deliver the benefits promised because their reputation will travel further and faster than we can.

Try on the mindsets above in your next pursuit. Let me know if you get a different and better result.

Welcome to the new style of buying and selling. More information, more options, more speed and reach. Good luck and happy selling!